Perming hair means that we change the hairs natural pattern, in other words, the shape of the hair from straight to curly, from wavy to curly or from a tight curl to a looser curl using chemical reformation process. Perming can be a way to enhance your hair texture while changing the structural of your hair.  Perms give more movement, texture, volume and bounce without needing daily heat styling. Perming is not only for those with straight hair that want curls, but it can be also for those that have curly hair and would like to relax their curls to a looser style like beachy or for those with uneven wavy hair that would like a more defined, tighter and even curl all over. The perm lasts until it eventually grows out. 

A successful perm needs specific treatments before and after the procedure. The pre treatment is necessary to even out the PH Level of the hair in order to protect the hair and achieve an even curl result. The treatment after the perm ensures that the hair is filled with protein and deeply moisturized so that the perm has a shiny, bouncy lively look.

 Body waves offer softer more natural looking waves. The Body wave creates a relaxed look with larger looser waves compared to regular perms.  Typically larger rollers are used and the results are loose waves, natural kinks, volume, body and bounce. You can also opt for a Root Lift Body Wave, where only the roots are re-shaped. This is great for fine, limp and oily hair.  The results of a body wave can last between 2 – 5 months. This depends on the hair type and the aftercare at home.

We can also take advantage of the Body Wave treatment when it comes to altering a growth pattern on our hair. For example a stubborn cow- slick can be reduced. A stubborn middle part can be changed to a side part. Hair that grows in a downward direction can gradually change the direction of the roots. The aim is that with this technique, the new hair that will come to the surface will follow the new direction of the hair that we altered. 

The choice of curl depends on what we want, what we have and how we can achieve it. This can all be discussed through a video consultation call. 

In conclusion the Chemical Reformation Procedure can offer more than just waves or curls. It’s all in the technique!  

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