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  The secret behind healthy hair and scalp is EXFOLIATION. Just as the body needs an exfoliation treatment once a month, so too the hair and scalp.      Excess dust and other particles, product residue, calcium, metals and pollutants suffocate the scalp and hair. All these also eat away at the micro fibers      of your hair, resulting in dry, brittle, dull, knotty and limp hair, also causing breakage.                                                                                                                        Detox Deep Exfoliating Shampoo Treatment strips out all these layers of elements, allowing for the hair and scalp to breathe again.                                      When your scalp and hair have been clogged up with so much residue, then how can any treatment penetrate to repair the hair? The vitamins can not enter the hair and just sit on the outer surface. These vitamins are immediately washed out. That is why many people do not have satisfactory results with hair or scalp treatments. Prior to any type of treatment, we need to detox and exfoliate. When your hair is clean, then it is correctly prepared to accept and deeply absorb all the active ingredients of Hair Treatments.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       This Detox Exfoliating Shampoo Treatment is 100% Natural with a gentle herbal formula of Amino Acids from a variety of plants that ensures an intense, deep cleansing of your scalp and hair while balancing the PH level.                                                                                                                                                                                Dead skin cells unfortunately block the pores of the scalp causing skin problems, thinning and weakening of your hair and even hair loss. With this treatment, these dead skin cells are completely removed allowing the skin and the roots of your hair to breathe again! This Detox treatment improves blood circulation, also refreshing and soothing irritated scalps. The formula reduces itchiness, flaking, dandruff and other skin irritations. Your hair is shinier and smoother. Your color looks vibrant and fresh! Your hair feels lighter and is much softer and easier to manage. This amazing treatment also leaves a fresh pleasant scent!                                                                This treatment is recommended to be applied:-                                                                                                                                                                                             *Once a week for those that wash their hair more than 3 times a week.                                                                                                                                                     *Once a fortnight for those that wash their hair less than 3 times a week.                                                                                                                                                 *For those that are busy, it is important to do this treatment at least once a month as we have a 28 day skin cell production cycle. This means that                   every 28 days the old dead skin cells are pushed out to the surface by the new cells. These dead skin cells block the pores and need to be exfoliated.      


Repair Keratin Mask is a nourishing mask which repairs broken hair fibres by filling up cracks in the hair shafts to make them smooth and strong from the inside out. Keratin helps to rebuild the damaged hair and reduces frizziness. Amino acids help to rebuild and restructure brittle hair. The oils deeply nourish the hair for softer texture. Silk proteins envelope the hair in a protective layer to prevent further damage. The hair becomes shinier, healthier, smoother, softer and easier to maintain. The hair structure becomes more resistant and is able to endure more stressors without breaking so easily.

This treatment lasts for a few washes. It is recommended to reapply every 3-4 washes, so that you can slowly rebuild your hair structure permanently.


     Hair Spa is a Cocktail Mask made up of a variety of proteins, vitamins and oils that are combined to give the highest level of nourishment to the hair and scalp.                The special massage techniques for the scalp and hair helps activate the vitamins in this intense treatment. Following up with mild heat, this will help all the elements to penetrate right to the core of the hair shaft, into the roots of the hair and fully nourishing and healing the scalp while balancing the PH Level. It also strengthens, smooths, detangles and softens the hair while protecting and healing the hairs structure back to 100%.                                                                                                              This warm Cocktail Hair Spa Treatment lasts approximately 5-6 washes. I recommend following up this treatment with the Ice Treatment.                                               It is recommended to reapply every 5 – 6 washes, so that you can slowly rebuild your hair structure permanently.   


   Using products rich in Keratin, Argan Oil, Cannabis Oil, amino acids and plant extracts, this cool Ice Treatment is wonderful to use after a heat treatment. 

Applying it as a follow up for the other treatments,  it nourishes, rebuilds and fills the outer layer of the hair shaft, tightly locking in all new elements. It leaves a protective filter on the hair that lasts for many washes! The hair is smoother and very shiny due to the tightness of the cuticle layers of the hair, preventing breakage, split ends and static of the hair. 

It is recommended to reapply every 5 – 6 washes, so that you can slowly rebuild your hair structure permanently.


  Hair Botox is a Reconstruction System that actually reconstructs the essential components of the hair. An intensive treatment containing naturally-sourced Keratin, Proteins, Amino Acids and Hyaluronic Acid that penetrate into the hair fibers, restoring the hair’s natural components. It deeply nourishes and hydrates damaged hair, giving strength and consistency to the hair without weighing it down and improves manageability.

  The treatment fills in any broken or thin areas on each hair strand to rebuild, repair, restore and strengthen. It’s specific formula also seals and compacts the cuticle with a film-forming action, leaving hair regenerated and shiny. The fine hairs can thicken up to 40% with this Filler Treatment. The hair is fuller and lustrous, easier to manage and is tangle free, frizz free and static free.

 There are 2 types of Botox Treatments. First type is for fine or damaged hair that needs a filler of nutrients, extra volume, thickness and elasticity.                    The second type is for frizzy hair either wavy or curly and for very dry hair, that needs help to soften, relax and smooth the unruliness, making the hair more manageable.

I recommend having your treatment done every 2 – 3 months to ensure that you have strong and healthy hair.


    This is an amazing treatment that provides instant and long- lasting repair to extremely dry, color treated & very damaged hair.                                                It provides intensive repair instantly and long term conditioning for up to 12 washes! It uses breakthrough bond building technology that penetrates the hair and fuses amino acids for deep reparative and conditioning action, strengthening the hair fibres in the inner core while sealing the cuticle to prevent moisture loss. It protects against loss of cuticle and cortex cells and dramatically reduces breakage while smoothing out brittleness and frizz.

  • B3 is a Bond Realignment Treatment and a Deep Moisturizing Treatment. 
  • B3 rebuilds missing or damaged bonds and then reconnects and realigns all keratin chain bonds in the inner and outer structure of the hair.
  • B3 realigns all three bonds that make up the hair, which are the Disulphide Bonds, Salt Bonds, and Hydrogen Bonds.

   Damaged hair means that the hair’s cortex is affected and if the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex are destroyed,                                        missing and, or not realigned then the hair is subject to damage, thus breakage.

   Once the cellular membrane complex is fully rebuilt and realigned with the cuticle layers tightly sealed, then you have remarkably                                      healthier and stronger hair!

       1. The texture of the hair is healthier, smoother, shinier, softer and more manageable.                                                                                                                               2. Hair color is more vibrant, stable and lasts longer.                                                                                                                                                                                       3. B3 also stops breakage and prevents further breakage and split ends.

This treatment protects the hair and lasts 8 – 12 washes! 

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