Haircuts are a great way to physically express personality and attitude! Your hair is a big deal and impacts you daily.  It is so important to get the right style that you like and together we can create the look for you!  

Being an Educator for many years, I have come to discover that there are 4 secrets to a successful haircut. 

1. A detailed consultation Gives us both the opportunity to get discuss your wants and needs, your hair care resume, as well as ideas, advice, recommendations, while at the same time analyzing face and bone structure, hair quality and texture, growth patterns etc. to make sure that we get the desired result.  

2. Freshly washed hair with Detox Exfoliating Shampoo to lift off any heavy metals, product resdue and so on. that weigh the hair down is a must. When we have residue free hair, a clean slate to work with, it is easier for the hair to take on its new form. In other words, it is more cooperative as nothing is standing in its way. 

3. Haircutting techniques are based on Geometry. Geometrical Haircutting creates timeless styles with precision and definition, while creating and focusing on natural style. This combination gives a huge impact on the final result, for after all… any haircut should be easy to maintain and long lasting.

4. Style drying the hair is a part of the cutting procedure as the new haircut comes to life! The style drying shapes and sets the new hairstyle so that I can continue the haircut which is the cross checking and the final detail touch ups in order to complete the haircut. 

                                          A haircut is more than just the physical cutting of hair, because you are much more than just your hair!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Blow-dry, Roller Setting, Hot curl tongs, Flat iron, Pin ups, Chignons & Bridal Hair-do’s     

There are so many beautiful hair creations for any occasion! I specialize in all hair styling techniques and can create the most classical to the most extreme styles due to my extended experience with television, theatre and hair and fashion shows. have dealt with and am experienced with different hair types as my clientelle come from all four corners of the world!  My unique techniques and along with high quality styling products ensures for a longer lasting hairstyle. 




  These added services mentioned below are for those that are interested in:

  1. CLIP-ON Hair Wefts
  2. WEAVING of Hair Wefts
  3. TAPE-ON of Hair Wefts
  4. EXTENSIONS Hot Fusion
  5. EXTENSIONS with Keratin

    If you are not sure which techniques suit you best, book a consultation via video call or book a time at my studio.

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